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24 Apr 2020
Let’s talk about #Hashtags

  Hashtags were used for the first time on Twitter, in 2007. Since then Twitter has remained the most valuable platform to use hashtags on. The purpose of using a hashtag would be as a discovery tool or to participate in a conversation and something known as trending. When people search a specific topic they […]

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21 Apr 2020
Be aware of this 'page like invite' post on Facebook

  I’m sure by now you have seen the post making its rounds on Facebook, where business owners are asking their friends to invite people to like their business page. We would just like to warm you of how this could be damaging to your brand, although the idea behind the posts may be good, […]

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16 Apr 2020
What is Facebook Business Manager?

  Today I’m going to do a quick chat about what is Facebook Business Manager and why you should be using it if you’re a business. So Facebook Business Manager is Facebook’s tool for centrally managing all your business pages, ads as well as permissions for people or agencies who assist you with running your […]

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9 Apr 2020
What is a Watch Party?

  A Facebook Watch Party is a feature offered to users to watch either one or many videos together at the same time. So when a business page or a personal profile has gone Live, you as the user will see a button underneath the video saying ‘Start Watch Party’. As a personal user, this […]

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7 Apr 2020
How Google Works

  Introduction Today I want to talk to you about Google and how it works because we're often asked "why isn't my business appearing on the first page of Google's results". Internet Browser So the first thing I would like to clarify is what an internet browser is. This is the software programme that is […]

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6 Apr 2020
Which features does your business website need to be a success?

Introduction For your website to succeed online and convert users into customers, it needs to be feature-packed for an excellent user experience. In this article, we take a look at the various features your website needs to be successful and we've included a few of those annoying website features which should be avoided as well. […]

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31 Mar 2020
Why Use Facebook Live Videos?

  Facebook live video was launched in 2016 and since then over 2 billion people have watched a Facebook live video. What this tells us is that this is a fantastic way to increase your social media engagement organically, by using these different tools that Facebook gives us. In fact, Facebook stats tell us that […]

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11 Mar 2020
Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook dark mode has started to roll out in South Africa. What this means is that Facebook is moving away from its white and blue interface and now to black and shades of grey. The benefits of this for mobiles users is that Dark Mode will actually use less battery power when you’re in the […]

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24 Feb 2020
10 Quick Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Introduction With so many small businesses starting up and competing in a dog eat dog world, it is important to make sure your company stands out from the crowd. That's why we've compiled these 10 quick marketing tips for your small business. Custom domain and email address Guys, nobody is going to take your business […]

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7 Jan 2020
20 Reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Small Business in 2020

Introduction Many people still believe that it isn’t necessary to have a website. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re living in a digital age where the majority of people search for business online. In this article, we go through 20 reasons why you need a website for your small business in 2020. Online […]

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