The A-Team

Photo of Kyle Rehse

MD and Strategy

With a background in programming and IT, and a passion for marketing, Kyle started Innova in order to fill a gap in the market.

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Photo of Rick North

Ops and Technology

With a Bachelors in Technology, Rick is the head of the IT department and in charge of all operations and Strategy.

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Photo of Kristi Rehse

Finance and HR

After gratuating with Honors in Psychology at NMMU, Kristi decided to start a Guest House and is now involved with HR and Finance at Innova.

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Photo of Nobody

Business Development and Social Media Specialist

With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Business Management, Cassandra successfully started and ran the social media department at a large advertising agency before joining Innova to head up our Marketing Department.

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Photo of Roxy North

Social Media Manager and Content Specialist

Graduating from NMMU with a Diploma in Photography, Roxy started her own photography business and has since joined Innova as the head of the photography and branding departments.

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Photo of Lindy de Bruyn

Digital Marketer and Web Specialist

With over 13 years experience in Web Design and Development, Lindy joined Innova to head up the Web Dev Department.

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Photo of Ashleigh Mittens

Junior Social Media Manager

After graduating with a Bcom Honours Degree in Business Management, Ashleigh has joined Innova as an intern to see what the world of digital marketing is all about and has since become the community manager and copywriter as well.

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Photo of Kemuel Badenhorst

IT Engineer

With over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry, numerous qualifications and a passion for tech and pentesting, Kemuel is heading up our IT department and is ready to handle all your IT queries.

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