Did you know that customers are 5 times more likely to engage with video content over static images? That’s right! Video has been dominating the social media scene for the past few years because it’s a lot easier to digest than textual content, and people are far more likely to share a video than a post.

From event coverage to live feeds, Rick – head of our videography department – has a keen eye and is able to capture the very essence of your event.

Our Videography Services Include:

Event Coverage

These include events such as sports, functions, and conferences.

Live Feeds

Live feeds are ideal for increasing social media engagement, especially on Facebook.

Video Production

We do all sorts of video coverage and production so chat to us about your project ideas.

Logo Animations

Animation is making a huge comeback in the digital market and what better way to stay trendy than with an animated logo?

Voice Overs

Need someone to assist with a voice over for your video? Chat to us, we have a few good voices on the team.

Script Writing

Our content writers and editors are highly capable of writing a script for your video should you need one.

What is the process?


Step 1: Contact

Get in touch with us, we’ll discuss your budget, event date and set up a meeting.


Step 2: Meet & Greet

We meet in order to further discuss your requirements, the venue and scope of the shoot.


Step 3: Paperwork

Based on your initial requirements, we’ll send a quote to you. Upon accepting the quote, we’ll send an invoice for the deposit in order to book the day of the shoot.


Step 4: Shoot

On the day of the event, we’ll be there to shoot for the duration as agreed upon during the initial meeting.


Step 5: Edit

After shooting the event, we edit the footage and prep the video for delivery. An invoice for the remaining 50% will be sent which needs to be settled prior to delivery of the video.


Step 6: Deliver

Once the video is ready, we deliver it to you on a USB drive or via digital download.

Still have a few questions?

What does a video cost?
Our packages start at R750 per hour of filming and R1500 per minute of final edited video. Our videos usually range between R2500 and R10000 and this includes the rental of all video production equipment and music licences required.
What does the term "per minute edit" mean?
This is the term we use for the final product. So a 1 min long video is a “per minute edit”.
How long do I wait for a final video?
Post-production can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the length of the video.
What do you charge for animations?
Animations start at R750 depending on the complexity of the animation
What do you charge for voice-overs and script writing?
These services vary based the the length of the script and video. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.