Websites & Hosting

Think of your website as your shop front. It makes people decide what they want from you and you need to provide them with that information in a quick and easy to understand way.

Our web development department is headed up by Lindy who has over 10 years experience in web development and specialises in WordPress websites. Working closely with a team of designers and content writers, we’re able to take care of everything from hosting to developing your website.

Our Web Design Services Include:

Custom Website Development

Our custom websites are built from the ground up and are unique to your brand. The development process includes research, content writing, custom designs and development.

Template Websites

Our template websites are a cost-effective solution with a turn around time of less than a week. With a template website, you choose the template best suited to your brand and we change the colours, images and text.


We’ll handle everything required to get your website online and to make sure it stays online. This includes registering your domain name and your emails.

Website Retainers

Whether you need maintenance on your website, content updates or even further improvements, we have you covered with custom retainers perfectly suited to your needs.

What is the process?


Step 1: Contact

Get in touch with us, we’ll discuss your budget, requirements and project scope.


Step 2: Content Session

Once we’ve discussed your requirements, we’ll set up a content and scoping session with you where we discuss your website in-depth and develop the content for it.


Step 3: Paperwork

Based on your initial requirements and content session, we send a quote to you. Upon accepting the quote, we’ll send an invoice for the deposit in order to begin your project.


Step 4: MAgic Happens

During this part, we design and develop your website based on the project scope.


Step 5: Sign off

Once we have a working project, we send it to you for review and make any necessary changes. Once you’re happy, we send an invoice for the final amount.


Step 6: Launch

After final payment has been received, we take your website live.

Still have a few questions?

What is a domain?
A domain acts as your address on the internet such as It allows you to link a website or your email addresses such as Think of it as your house address.
What domain should I choose?
Your domain name should be short and easy to remember. Ideally, you want your company name as your domain name, but if your company has a very long name, try to shorten it for the domain as this will be used in email addresses as well.
What if I host my own domain already?
That’s not a problem, we can have it migrated to our hosting platform to keep all your hosting related stuff together.
What is hosting?
Hosting is where you link your domain in order for it to be active on the Internet. Think of this as the land you are going to have your house built on.
Can I use my own hosting or do I have to host with Innova?
You can use your hosting but we cannot be responsible for any issues that may occur such as the site going down and/or speed issues.
Will my website appear in Google results?
No, websites won’t automatically appear in Google results unless the content has been written with target keywords in mind. Our Google specialist, Novi, can help you with this but this is a separate service.
How do I get email addresses linked to my domain?
We’ll setup your email addresses during registration. All you need to do is let us know which email addresses you want. There’s no initial cost for the setup of your email addresses, however a R150 fee will be charged for additional addresses after the first setup.
What if I forget my email password?
There will be a R100 fee to reset your password and send new configuration details through.
Will you setup my emails on my laptop and phone?
It is not included as we will send the details to you, however, should you need assistance a setup fee of R250 per device will be applicable.
What maintenance is required on my website and is this included in the Hosting?
Technology is constantly changing, so you’ll want to keep your website software and security up to date. We offer maintenance contracts specifically for this as it is not included in the hosting fee. Hosting fees only cover the space that you rent on the server and general server administration.
What if I want to change content on my website?
We’ll provide you with the login details for your website, so you are welcome to update your content. However, we take no responsibility for any changes not done by us. Should you wish us to update your content, we advise taking a content retainer with us.
What if I want my website to evolve with my business?
This is a great idea and we advise all businesses to go this route as it reduces the big once-off costs for rebuilds and your website will always stay up to date with your business strategy and technology.
How long will my website last before I should change it?
Typically, a website has a lifespan of 1-2 years before it needs to be refreshed.
Can you make changes to my existing website?
Yes we can make changes to your existing website but it is limited by the technology it is built on. It is often cheaper to just rebuild the website.
Who will write the content for my website?
We will write the content based on the information and content acquired during the scoping session.
Who will take the photos for my website?
Ideally you will need professional photos taken for your website. If you do not have any, Roxy, who is our in-house professional photographer can take the photos. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.
How much should I spend on my website?
This is totally dependant on the value your website carries for your business. Websites generally start at R5000 and can go up to R100 000, but we find most websites fall in the R10 000 to R20 000 for an average small to medium-sized website.
What is a mobile friendly website?
It’s a website that can automatically adjust itself to be viewed properly on any size device, whether it is a phone, tablet or laptop.
What is a sitemap?
A sitemap is a diagram that maps out the way your pages are all connected and linked together.
What is a wireframe?
A wireframe is a very basic layout plan for each page on your website. This allows us to plan where pictures and text will be placed on the page.
What is WordPress?
WordPress is a content management system which is fully scalable for any project. It is the technology we use to build our websites.
Can I sell things on my website?
Yes, with an eCommerce site (online shop) you are able to sell goods online. An online shop needs a lot of time and dedication to successfully manage it as it is essentially another branch of your business. Chat to us if this is something you would like to consider, as it is not a huge cost to install an online shop on your existing site.
Can you do my site if I am not in PE?
Yes, we’ve built a website for customers all over the world.
When do I pay?
A 50% deposit is payable before we begin any design work. The remainder is due once the site is developed, just before we take it live.
How much input is required from me?
We know you’re busy, so we use our meetings to get as much information as we can from you in order to create the content we need for your website.